Question: What are the structures of the Electoral Commissions Forum of SADC countries ( ECF-SADC?
Answer: The Annual General Conference, the Executive committee and the Secretariat.

Question: When is the Executive Committee appointed and how many countries make up the Executive Committee?
Answer: It is elected every two years at the Annual General Conference and only 7 countries are members.

Question: Is the Secretariat of the Forum permanent or temporary   and where is it based?
Answer: It is permanent and based in Gaborone, Botswana ( housed by the Independent Electoral Commission of Botswana).

Question: Where does the Forum get funds to implement its programmes?
Answer: Member Commissions contribute annual subscriptions   and the Forum sources donor funding  for its regional and country specific projects.

Question: How does the Forum relate to SADC Secretariat?
Answer: ECF-SADC has a working relationship with SADC . Member Commissions   continue to advise SADC member States on electoral matters when need arises. ECF-SADC works  closely with the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security which currently deals with electoral matters.

Question: What guides the Forum on its mandate and its operations?
Answer: The Forum has a Constitution which gives information on its establishment, functions,  structures  and other provisions.

Question: What languages are used in ECF-SADC meetings and activities?
Answer: English, French  and Portuguese.  These are the three SADC official languages.

Question: Why is the  ECF-SADC called a Forum?
Answer: The ECF-SADC comprises Electoral Management Bodies of SADC member  States. Through this Forum, Commissions support and cooperate with one another on electoral matters.

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